Long Tailed Tenderpaw with a knack for making boats!


Spruce is a young tenderpaw from the town of Port Sumac. He has spent most of his life so far learing the art of boatcrafting from his father Dock and weaving from his mother Amelia. His friend Karl from the Darkwater, whom he has known for many years, became a merchant some seasons ago. Before leaving to become a guard mouse, Spruce tired to woo his love interest Lilith the baker’s daughter. Unfortunately for him, his unusually long tail led to a sequence of events which set the bakery on fire….

During his apprenticeship in Lockhaven, his senior artisan was Heather the cartographer. Here he studied map drawing and improved his navigational skills. Spruce hopes that these skills together with his weather sense and boatcrafting will one day lead him to become the most successful sea mouse in all the Mouse Territories.

He is now under the care of Sayble, his mentor, a much older fat mouse with a talent for brewing. Her ability to reason with drunken mice has saved them from many a situation.


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