First Patrol!

Our mission from Gwendolyn today was to check out the disappearances of mice down south in the town of Appleloft. After a bit of asking around which paths may be the least dangerous (as the rain this spring is causing much flooding and disruption on certain routes) we headed out.

Along the way we got lost time and time again as Sayble wouldn’t listen to my opinions on which way to go, making us wander around pointlessly in heavy rain. Eventually we got back onto the path only to see a group of Weasels waiting! I started to come up with a plan: I could stand on Sayble’s shoulders, wrap ourselves in our bed rolls, fashion a silly hat out leaves to imitate a helmet and use our clever disguise to get information from them. Sayble did not appreciate this and gave my ear a right bashing. Instead we scuttled off back into the woods unnoticed.

Once we finally reached Appleloft, we went to the town hall but it seemed we were unwelcome. Some rowdy mice had started to gather up their forces to go looking for the missing mice themselves as apparently we’d taken too long to get there! Luckily Sayble has a way with mice and managed to calm the ring leaders so we could have a civilized talk with the town officials about the situation. I think those weasles had something to do with the disappearing, but I didn’t want to panic anyone so I’ve kept my thoughts to myself.

We’re going to start our search tomorrow, so I thought it might be a good idea to make a few friends as I’ve never been so far South. Unfortunately, as I was getting my new found companions some drinks in the tavern, I bumped into a barmaid carrying a full tray of ale. I’m now banned from the tavern and have made yet another ladymouse angry. Let’s just hope tomorrow goes better and we find those missing mice!

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